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What is Crypto Predictor?

Our crypto bot has an incredible track record of ranking highly profitable short term trades for our subscribers. In fact, our subscribers are averaging over 156% gains for 2022.

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How does Crypto Predictor Work?

Hedgefund trading tools tailored for everyday investors

Our proprietary algorithms use the same technical analysis mathematics that billion dollar hedge funds use to profit from the crypto markets.

Capitalize on top market performers daily!

Our models predict price movements of cryptocurrencies hours in advance. We send automated, real time signal data to our subscribers allowing for enough time to act on the trade for huge potential profits.

Invest with confidence

Leverage the power of machine learning to profit from the best cryptos. Use our advanced signals to know when to get in a trade, and most importantly, when to get out.

How to Use Our Models

  1. Step 1: Receive our email notifications
  2. Step 2: Decide which strong commodity you want to buy
  3. Step 3: Buy it before (or as) markets open
  4. Step 4: Sell it once it goes above your target line (once it pops)
  5. Step 5: Repeat
Generally our trades are only open a few days or less. If you entered a trade and you see the stock continue to appear in our list of strong commodities, continue in the trade. If it falls out, you may want to exit that trade.

What's included?

Daily Signals

Crypto Predictor sends live alerts for the best cryptos to buy during any given day for reliable, consistent gains

Easy to Use

Exclusive access to Crypto Predictor - ranking over 300 cryptos using our proprietary software

Free Trial

We're so confident you'll love Crypto Predictor that we'll give you one week risk-free to see for yourself

What do Crypto Predictor clients say?

Daniel K
“I signed up for Crypto Predictor a few months ago and I absolutely love the service. Most of the alerts have given me excellent intraday gains.”
Corine D
Marketing Director
“Crypto Predictor sends daily email and text signals for the biggest movers of the day. I've been able to take profit on several lesser-known cryptos.”
Stephen G
Finance Professional
“Huge fan of Crypto Predictor - these guys make it easy to identify the best cryptocurrencies for any given day.”
Crypto Predictor
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